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Video release: Inner City Attitude

Sugar Sonic - Feed The FixFeed The Fix is a cross-section of relevant music genres including the classic Led Zeppelin delivery in Making My Way, to the Bee Gees disco inspired Inner City Attitude and even a nod to Tom Waits in Whiskey Crawl. Along the way, you run into the big band sound of Best Of Me, the Arcade Fire styled Feed The Fix, the Joe Walsh inspired song Soda Vine which is a remake of California Madonna from Randy’s earlier album Magnetic Drive. Finally, the album is book ended by Loonie Bones hip hop/rap epic Steppin’ To The Seventies which is a remix of Inner City Attitude.

From the opening count that drummer Randy James provides in the early moments of Making My Way, to the gritty street level lyrics of Loonie Bones delivers in Steppin’ To The Seventies, Feed The Fix is sure to hit on a sweet spot for you somewhere along the 11 song journey. The songs all started out as arranged jams designed and written by Randy James from several recording sessions started in 2011. Randy is a Toronto area musician who has a talent and a reputation for re-constituting jam sessions into big rock and alternative anthems with 3 other album releases to his credit under the name Sweet James. Randy works closely with guitarist Steve Clark of Vibrolux and bassist Ben Huband of Benjamin to bake the initial sustenance into the tracks, followed up by a multi-talented group of musicians who help to garnish various dishes including harmonica guru Jerome Godboo of the Phantoms, saxophonist Chris Hess of Punjabi By Nature, vocalist Chloe Watkinson of Park Eddy, guitarist Philip Emond of Benjamin, vocalist Sasha Hunter, keyboardist Craig Harley and loop artist Julian Durzi of Vibrolux.